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Teller Module

Convenience and Efficiency

Our user-friendly Teller Module revolutionises banking operations within your Credit Union by prioritising efficiency, ease of use, and seamless integration.

With intuitive shortcuts and all essential information conveniently accessible on one screen, tellers can perform their duties swiftly and accurately. The module’s seamless integration with Verifone, Kiosks, and TCRs ensures a cohesive banking experience across various platforms.

Additionally, the easy member management feature allows tellers to navigate the system effortlessly and modify member details with a simple click. Overall, our Teller Module enhances productivity, improves customer service, and streamlines banking operations for a more efficient and satisfying experience.

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Benefits of Scion's Teller Module

Shortcuts for swift operations

We understand the importance of time for your Credit Union. Our Teller Module incorporates intuitive shortcuts, allowing tellers to perform tasks swiftly and accurately.

All-in-one screen

Forget the hassle of toggling between multiple screens. Our Teller Module consolidates all necessary information on one screen. From account balances to arrears, loan repayments, photo IDs, and loan details, everything a teller needs are readily accessible.

Seamless integration

Our Teller Module seamlessly integrates with Verifone, Kiosks, and TCRs (Teller Cash Recyclers), ensuring a cohesive banking experience across different platforms.

Effortless navigation

Click on a member's name, and the Teller Module opens up a world of possibilities. Easily modify member details without the need to navigate through complex menus. Our user-friendly interface allows tellers to effortlessly navigate the system directly from the Teller Program.

Minimal screen-hopping

With our Teller Module, tellers can stay focused on serving customers without constantly switching between screens. Perform tasks efficiently without unnecessary distractions.

35% increase in online usage for Gurranabraher

If Gurranabraher Credit Union wanted to attract new members and increase member loyalty, they knew the best way to do this was to invest in member experience, utilising both the technology and strategic partnership offered by Wellington IT.

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Success at St. Paul’s with current accounts

In order to fulfil their strategy of being the primary financial provider to their members, St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union realised they needed to offer full banking services, which included a current account and a new debit card.

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St Dominic CU reach new demographic with Current Accounts

St Dominic Credit Union introduced the Member Personal Current Account (MPCAS) solution in the summer of 2019 as part of a strategic vision to appeal to a new demographic.

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St Dominic CU reach new demographic with Current Accounts Featured Image
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