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Current Accounts

Boost Member Engagement

By offering Current Accounts, you can boost member engagement with your Credit Union. The more members transact with you, the more likely they are to utilise more of your services, such as loans.

In fact, research shows that 77% of the Irish public and 82% of the UK public use their Current Accounts at least once a week.

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Why offer Current Accounts?

Your Credit Union can offer a full-service current account that allows you to access a range of facilities, such as receiving your salary, paying bills setting up direct debits and standing orders to make regular payments. You can operate your current account online and using the mobile app.

Your members will get a dedicated IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and a Mastercard Debit Card with contactless payments which allows them instant access to their money so they can make a payment or withdraw money whenever or wherever they need.

The Value of Credit Union Current Accounts

Expand your Offerings

Current Accounts are a great way to encourage your members to do more with your Credit Union e.g. take out a loan.

Generate Revenue

Generate some additional revenue for your Credit Union with Current Accounts.

Boost Membership

Attract new members who can now fully manage their finances at their local Credit Union.

Online Applications

Members can conveniently apply for a Current Account online via cuOnline+ or cuMobile.

We strongly believe that if you want to capture younger members, you need to provide full banking services. We’ve seen that Credit Unions lose a lot of members transitioning from minor accounts to adulthood [16 onwards] and you need to be able to offer a current account and debit card to these members”

Former Operations Manager

St Paul’s Garda Credit Union

Success at St. Paul’s with current accounts

In order to fulfil their strategy of being the primary financial provider to their members, St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union realised they needed to offer full banking services, which included a current account and a new debit card.

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