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IT Managed Service

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Wellington’s IT Managed Service is tailored to provide comprehensive support for our customers, ensuring the seamless operation of their critical infrastructure whilst minimising operational IT costs. Our service encompasses a range of management and support features aimed at bolstering efficiency and reliability.

Management & Support

With our proactive monitoring, we are carrying out constant surveillance of your infrastructure to detect and resolve issues before they impact operations. Our daily start-of-day checks are rigorous to ensure systems are operational and ready for the day’s tasks. Our online and telephone support provides immediate assistance and troubleshooting to address any IT concerns promptly.

Platform Support

Patching of Windows and Linux Systems

Regular updates and patches to maintain system security and stability.

Antivirus Provision and Support

Deployment and management of antivirus solutions to safeguard against threats.

Automated Security Reports

Regular reports to keep you informed about the security posture of your systems.

Automated Windows Patching and Updates

Automated deployment of Windows patches to keep systems up to date.

Provision and Management of Backup Solutions

Implementation and oversight of backup strategies to protect your data.

VMware Licensing, Deployment, and Support

Licensing, setup, and ongoing support for VMware virtualisation solutions.

Failover & Redundancy

IT Managed Services provides multiple options for backup and redundancy, including: Veeam, Datto, DB Transaction replication to DC Storage (DR4), Local DB replication to CU (DR3, DB Server replication and hot-standby (DR5)

AD Management

Management of Active Directory platforms and users.

Hardware Support

We manage your warranties and support agreements, ensuring hardware is covered and supported throughout its lifecycle. We also provide a swift resolution of hardware and software-related problems to minimise downtime.

As an ITMS customer, we supply and deploy your network, server and desktop hardware. We also assist you with desktop-related issues to keep your staff productive.

End-to-End Monitoring

Our ITMS utilises enterprise-grade tools to monitor all managed elements efficiently. Customised dashboards are provided to your Credit Union for complete transparency. We also proactively manage your performance and capacity, to ensure optimal performance and resource utilisation.

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