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Success with current accounts at St. Paul's Credit Union


Since 2002, St. Paul’s strategy was to become the primary financial provider to their members. They coupled with Wellington IT, who provided online banking solution cuOnline, and St. Paul’s introduced their first debit card in 2008 which proved successful with 2,500 members taking up the offer.


We strongly believe that if you want to capture younger members, you need to provide full banking services. We’ve seen that Credit Unions lose a lot of members transitioning from minor accounts to adulthood [16 onwards] and you need to be able to offer a current account and debit card to these members”

Former Operations Manager

St Paul’s Garda Credit Union

Introducing Current Accounts

Current Accounts within Credit Unions were officially launched in October 2019 and St. Paul’s were one of the first Credit Unions to take up the offer.

This has been very successful and they currently have over 1,500 members availing of a current account. The debit card is a contactless Mastercard which can be used worldwide.

“Another benefit of providing current accounts means there’s more of a chance that your member will receive their salary into their Credit Union accounts. This assists us with our own applications because we can assess the risk in a far better way, as we have full sight of their expenditure” Denis O’Shea.

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To date, St. Paul’s have over 18,000 adult members registered for and using cuOnline+ with 60% of transactions occurring online using cuOnline+. This is projected to increase even more with the offer of current accounts. Their members can view and manage their finances at any time, from any device, and even apply for a loan – completely online.

“We believe that as many Credit Unions as possible should get involved with current accounts, and coupling the new debit card with Wellington IT’s cuOnline+ solution, we believe it offers a very modern and advanced service to members of our Credit Union.” Denis O’Shea.