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More choice for members.

With Scion’s Mortgage module, provide fixed rate, variable, or a combination of the two, to offer members greater choice and attract new Credit Union members.

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Flexibility for members and Credit Unions

More flexibility

Offer fixed rates, variable rates, or a combination of the two to provide a competitive mortgage offering.

More choice

Members of the public have more choice for mortgages, outside of their retail banks.

More savings

Members could potentially save more money by switching to your new mortgage offering.

Automatic switchover

Scion will automatically switch to the new rate at a later date (specified by you), saving your staff time!


A mortgage is much more than a large loan. With our enhanced mortgage module, you can perform underwriting, origination, servicing, and manage arrears all in one place.

More Efficient

As the rate switchover is done automatically, there is a reduced chance of human error when granting mortgages.


The new rates appeal to both first-time buyers & switchers as the cost of living continues to rise, with the rate of inflation and members are looking for ways to cut the bottom line in household expenses. Having the ability to offer fixed rates, variable rates, or a combination of the two through Scion allows us to provide a more competitive mortgage offering for the times we’re living in now, but also for the future.”

Simon Foley

Operations Manager

St Paul’s Garda Credit Union

St Paul’s Garda CU Mortgage portfolio predicted to reach €40m!

St Paul’s Garda Credit Union has a nationwide membership base of almost 34,000 Garda, Garda Staff and family members, and offers a wide range of financial products and services, including mortgages. While the Credit Union could offer variable-rate mortgages, they did not have the capability to offer fixed-rate mortgages, which was a growing member demand.

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