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Your strategy partner,
not just your IT provider.

At Wellington IT, we are dedicated to being your trusted partner in achieving your strategic goals. Our commitment extends beyond providing solutions; we are here to empower you with innovative technology and consultancy that evolves with your needs.

Our Commitment

We understand that your success is paramount. That's why our people create solutions that are crafted to seamlessly blend with your strategy. Whether your focus is on gaining new members or expanding your loan book, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Continuous Evolution

In the ever-changing landscape of the Credit Union Industry, we stay ahead of the curve. Our solutions are not static; they evolve to incorporate your unique requirements and adapt to new regulations. We believe in keeping pace with advancements to ensure that you always have the cutting-edge tools necessary for success.

Collaborative Partnership

Your success is our success. We work closely with each of our customers, fostering collaborative partnerships that extend to third-party APIs. Together, we build technology that resonates with your staff and members, creating a positive and efficient user experience.

Local Presence, Global Expertise

With offices in Belfast and Dublin and staff nationwide, we proudly serve as your local Credit Union software provider. Our team comprises of Oracle and Microsoft qualified experts, Operational Leaders, and Certified Project Management professionals. This diverse blend of people expertise ensures that you receive top-notch service and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our People

Who you'll be working with

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Ian Glenn

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Jonathan Wilson

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Head of Finance

Paula Mahood

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Director of People and Culture

Kevin Mc Keever

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Sales Manager

Kevin Lillis

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Product Manager

Philip Tyrell

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Compliance and Data Protection Officer

Ben Roy

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Development Tech Lead

Alan Adair

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Professional Services Manager

John Mc Candless

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Marketing Manager

Rebecca Reid

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Customer Care Team Lead

Stephen Seaward

As part of Vencora, Wellington IT are

Your local provider with the backing & resource of a global company.

Wellington IT is a part of Vencora, a fast-growing family of financial services software businesses.

Vencora is dedicated to creating a financial services ecosystem that provides a platform to collaborate, grow and create value for a more connected world. As part of Vencora, we are able to leverage the strength of the portfolio and collaborate with other Vencora companies to collectively become stronger together for our customers.

With 40 years in the industry,

We’re innovators with a history and here for the long-term.


Wellington IT's birthday! We started out in the drinks distribution business, but one of our co-founders was a board member of a local Credit Union, and recognised a gap in the market for a core financial system, and Scion (as it's known now) was born!


As Credit Unions began to scale, new levels of automation were introduced in the 90s, inc. standing orders, direct debits and atms.

Wellington IT integrated our core processing system, Capital 2000 (predecessor to Locus) with our first customer, Tullamore Credit Union. We're proud to say that they are still customers today!


The first Credit Union ATMs were introduced in Ireland.


The new millennium brought with it a surge of innovative ideas that transformed Credit Unions. Heralding these changes was the creation of the first Windows- based Credit Union banking system in Ireland, Locus (predecessor to Scion). While previous back office systems had been little more than simplistic green screens with fields to enter information, Locus offered a more user-friendly way for Credit Union staff to view member accounts.


Waterford Credit Union became the first ISO 27001 certified Credit Union in the world, and the first certified financial institution in Europe.


The first online banking facility was launched, cuOnline. members could now pay bills, transfer funds and apply for loans, all online.


Bishopstown Credit Union became the first community Credit Union to launch their own debit card in Europe.


It became possible to make the data that Credit Union already had, work for them. Business intelligence software allowed CUs to create targeted marketing campaigns, and deep-dive into how their members interact with services.


Credit Unions became members of the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) meaning members could pay into their Credit Union accounts from anywhere in Europe.


Volaris Group, a part of Constellation Software, acquire Wellington IT, with an ultimate goal of strengthening and growing the company, so we'll be here for our customers; always.


Challenger banks, who offer a fully digital experience, have raised expectations. The implementation of Touch ID technology into our online platforms meant that members could access their accounts on the go using the fingerprint reader on their smartphones.


Wellington IT launched their very first Product Development Roadmap. Our Roadmap is released every single year and is created in collaboration with our customers.


Brought around a lot of changes to both Credit Unions. An even bigger focus was around digital platforms, so mobile apps and online lending. Loan offerings such as Revolving Credit gave members more flexibility and choice when it came to taking out a loan.


Wellington IT integrated our core system and digital suite with Decision Engines, meaning your Credit Unions can boost the quality of your loan book and in the following year, grant loans automatically!


Saw the launch of Open Banking. Open Banking, coupled with Decision-as-a-Service ensures your members receive the best member service as well as generating huge efficiencies for your CU.


Saw new legislation brought into Ireland that allowed Credit Unions greater capacity to offer mortgages to their members. This was game-changing, providing the public more choice when it came and providing CU’s the opportunity to grow their loan book.

2023 also saw Irish Credit Unions be crowned the winners of the Customer Experience Award for the 9th year running!