Cloud Infrastructure & Compliance

Private Cloud

Your Credit Union, in the Cloud

Wellington IT’s Private Cloud Service, is designed to empower your Credit Union with a secure, high-performance, and resilient infrastructure tailored to your unique needs. Our cloud offering leverages cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading practices to deliver a robust platform that ensures the integrity, availability, and scalability of your critical applications and data.

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Operational Resilience

Our Private Cloud offering enables Operational Resilience Compliance by providing a secure and reliable infrastructure. Improved security measures safeguard sensitive data and protect against cyber threats, and enhanced performance and availability ensure a seamless user experience.

The Private Cloud boasts high availability and fault tolerance, which minimise the risk of downtime and service interruptions. Data replication mechanisms enhance data integrity and availability, whilst enhanced visibility into system performance facilitates proactive management and troubleshooting.

Flexibility for members and Credit Unions

Business Continuity

Multiple virtual teller workstations, configured to your CU’s standard​, will be accessible from any DR location​ ensuring rapid recovery of services​

Failover and Redundancy

Multiple backup strategies and redundant internet working ensure data protection and availability. 100%+ redundant infrastructure minimises the risk of downtime.

Automatic Recovery

Automated data duplication in real-time between data centers​ and automated service recovery from failures​.

Higher Visibility

Dedicated service monitoring dashboards per Credit Union provide transparent visibility into system health.

Redundant power & networking

Ensuring full 24/7 365 access reducing the risk (and cost) to your Credit Union

Improved performance

Dynamic resource management and allocation ensure efficient utilisation of resources.

Proactive monitoring

End-to-end proactive monitoring ensures optimal performance and detects issues before they impact operations.

Infrastructure & Data Centre

Our Private Cloud offering is built on Cisco UCS Blade Architecture for superior performance and scalability, and hosted on high-performance metro-clustered infrastructure for reliability and speed.

Automated data duplication in real-time between data centers​ and automated service recovery from failures​. Active redundant firewalls and high-performance networking with 10G/40G connectivity enhance security and performance. Asynchronous SAN replication and separate high-performance backup NAS facilitate data redundancy and recovery.

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