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Make data-driven decisions.

cuInsight is our powerful Business Intelligence offering which allows you to better understand and analyse key membership data, keep abreast of trending behaviours, and help mitigate risk, all creating opportunities that can help grow your Credit Union.

The software empowers users to access and discover their Scion data to drive day-to-day business decisions. Using a combination of tables and visual displays, your staff can analyse data across multiple dimensions.

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Access 150+ built-in reports.

Credit Control

Track loan performance and incorporate trending and risk analysis with our Credit Control reports.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Monitor customer due-diligence and track suspicious transactions continuously with AML reports ensuring regulatory compliance.


Analyse your member's borrowing habits, including amounts, loan types, time of year they apply, to more effectively market your loan offerings to them.


Operations reports help you manage your branch performance and business, allowing you to allocate staff accordingly.


Understand your members like never before with rich demographic data, from ages and locations to occupations and behavioural trends.

Custom Reports

Scion hosts a wealth of data and you have the complete freedom and flexibility to create your own reports from scratch.

Build Custom Reports

With over 150 pre-built reports, charts and dashboards in your reporting tool, cuInsight, it is easier than ever to use your member data to drive your day-to-day business decisions.

Slice and dice the data in existing reports to create your own custom reports!

The colourful dashboards, graphs and reports give you new ways to view your data.

Export to PDF, CSV or Excel and share with others.


With cuInsight we can gather more granular data. For example, I can report on loan officers and branches and tell if one branch is being overloaded. Then we can decide to send another loan officer to that branch. We wouldn’t have had this insight before using cuInsight.

cuInsight is much more flexible and intuitive than our old solution. We can now come to our board and management meetings with more granular detail, which doesn’t take long to extract from Scion with cuInsight”

Geoff McKay

Business Development Manager

Central Liverpool Credit Union

Central Liverpool Credit Union save 6 hours per week with cuInsight

Geoff McKay, Business Development Manager at Central Liverpool Credit Union uses cuInsight to pull reports so board members and the management team can review performance right across the entire Credit Union.

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