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St Dominic CU reach new demographic with MPCAS


St Dominic Credit Union introduced the Member Personal Current Account (MPCAS) solution in the Summer of 2019. This was part of a strategic vision to help the Credit Union remain viable and relevant in the market and improve their business model. The availability of a fully functioning current account and Debit card was key to this vision.

St Dominic’s CEO Patrick Lawlor says “We see the member personal current account and debit card as a gateway product. The more opportunity we have to engage with members, the more opportunity we have to lend to them. We found that we were losing people once they left school and the level of engagement dropped off quickly. We wanted to have something to offer that demographic in particular and current accounts provided the solution”

Almost 12 months on, 65% of members who have opened the current account are under the age of 40 – a key demographic for St Dominic.

In addition, they have seen a 117% increase in new current accounts being opened in March 2020 compared to February 2020. A figure which continues to rise during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More choice with the same great service

For St Dominic’s members the biggest advantage of having a current account from their Credit Union is that it offers them more choice.

With the current account they can offer members low and transparent fees, and they get the same personal service they expect from their Credit Union. Opening an account couldn’t be easier. Members can choose to come in-branch, or through their online banking (cuOnline+).

With the MPCAS St Dominic’s can offer their members more choice for their day-to-day financial needs. It comes with a globally accepted Mastercard that allows members to make purchases online and instore using their Credit Union account. They can also use their card at ATMS at home, or abroad.


The product is seamless. We’ve had very positive feedback from members, particularly in the online service, and using the debit card. Opening an account is extremely easy as there is a very refined process in the back-end. This positive member experience really helps us to build trust in the product and the service. The IT end to that is critical and Wellington IT have not failed us. We have had no technical difficulties to date and it has been a very positive experience. The positive feedback from the members speaks for itself.”

Former CEO

St Dominic Credit Union

Collaboration with Waterford Credit Union

Another positive about the MPCAS product is that it really lends itself to collaboration. The standardization of the current account fees means that St Dominic Credit Union could work with another local Credit Union, Waterford Credit Union, to promote the product and share costs.

Together they collaborated on a member video (here) which explains the MPCAS offering and it’s many benefits, and how a member can apply for one.

Whilst St Dominic Credit Union promoted their Member Personal Current Accounts through video, radio, editorial, Google and Facebook ads, CEO Patrick Lawlor feels that word of mouth and staff engagement with members was the biggest contributor to their success. He states, “It’s great to have something new to offer members. To have a new product like this is fantastic and it creates a good energy which makes it easier to get staff onboard. Their engagement with members in selling the product was key to its success.”.



  • 65% of members who have opened the account are under the age of 40 – a key demographic
  • St Dominic’s have experienced a 117% increase in new current accounts being opened in March 2020 compared to February 2020.
  • Average web transactions i.e. Debit cards have increased 91% in the past 12 months.
  • This trend has continued in April as more members open accounts due to Covid-19
  • Current Accounts offer members more choice for their day-to-day financial needs

“The current account product has been easy to implement from the outset. The back-end of the product is very intuitive, has a good workflow and is automated as much as it can be. It also has good controls in place which offer great oversight on member transactions”

– Patrick Lawlor, CEO, St Dominic’s Credit Union


A milestone for the movement

“Payac did a fantastic job with this MPCAS product. Being the first group to reach that goal is quite significant and Wellington IT did a fantastic job in delivering the product. It is a real milestone for the movement.

We’re delighted to see a continued rise in members taking up our Current Account offering. We’ve had a 25% increase in new Current Accounts opened in 2021 compared to 2020. This is a fundamental product offering, not only for us, but for the entire Credit Union movement, to offer our members more choice and flexibility with where they manage their money”

– Patrick Lawlor, CEO, St Dominic’s Credit Union