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Automated Transaction Processing

Automated Transaction Processing: Revolutionising EFTs

Our Automated Transaction Processing platform, where Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs), Credit Transfers (CTs), Direct Debits (DDs) and Standing Orders, are seamlessly managed with full automation.

The benefits of Automated Transactions

Efficient EFT Automation

Experience the power of full automation with our transaction processing system. Say goodbye to manual intervention and streamline your transaction processing workflow for maximum efficiency.

Instant Transaction Execution

Our platform ensures instant execution of transactions, eliminating delays and minimising processing times. Enjoy real-time transaction processing without the need for manual approval or intervention.

Automated Verification and Validation

Benefit from automated verification and validation processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our system performs thorough checks to validate transaction details, reducing the risk of errors and fraud.

Seamless Integration with Financial Systems

Integrate our Automated Transaction Processing platform seamlessly with your existing financial systems and workflows. Enjoy hassle-free connectivity and data synchronisation for a cohesive transaction management experience.

Customisable Automation Rules

Tailor automation rules to suit your specific requirements and preferences. Set up automated triggers, thresholds, and actions to automate transaction processing according to your business needs.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Rest assured that your transactions are processed with the highest level of security and compliance. Our platform employs advanced encryption techniques and adheres to industry regulations to safeguard sensitive financial data.

Scalable and Flexible Architecture

Our Automated Transaction Processing platform is designed to scale with your business growth. Whether you're processing hundreds or thousands of transactions, our system adapts to your needs seamlessly.

SEPA Instant Payments

A game-changer for the Irish banking landscape. This EU driven initiative mandates that Irish Payment Service Providers (PSPs) offer the ability for consumers to receive and send a credit transfer within x10 seconds. PSP compliance dates differ between receiving (January 2025) and sending (October 2025) CTs in this way. The value add to the consumer to clear, however the risks and educational awareness requirements are significant. An efficient, scalable data centre environment and continuous engagement with the many stakeholders will see this project successfully delivered.

Success at St. Paul’s with current accounts

In order to fulfil their strategy of being the primary financial provider to their members, St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union realised they needed to offer full banking services, which included a current account and a new debit card.

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35% increase in online usage for Gurranabraher

If Gurranabraher Credit Union wanted to attract new members and increase member loyalty, they knew the best way to do this was to invest in member experience, utilising both the technology and strategic partnership offered by Wellington IT.

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St Dominic CU reach new demographic with Current Accounts

St Dominic Credit Union introduced the Member Personal Current Account (MPCAS) solution in the summer of 2019 as part of a strategic vision to appeal to a new demographic.

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