Core System

Cash Control

Cash reconciliation made easy

Scion’s Cash Control module allows your to tellers to keep track of all cash in and out of your branch. It’s facilitates daily teller and cash room balancing.

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Scion’s Cash Control module allows tellers to efficiently balance their till and keep stock of cash flowing in and out of the Credit Union. Key features include:

  • Less discrepancies: all information is captured through Scion, including cash lifts and deposits, so there’s a clear trail and because of this, discrepancies are a rarity.
  • Enhanced control: this module is an auditor’s dream as it cannot be manipulated to say anything different and it provides a clear and thorough audit trail.
  • More efficient: tellers can input cash deposits, container numbers and cheque details into Scion quickly and easily.
  • Integration with TCR machines: Your TCR machines integrate into Scion and any withdrawals or deposits from these machines are reflected in Scion in real-time.