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Scion's Credit Control Module

Our cutting-edge Credit Control module, where intelligent automation meets seamless efficiency transforms credit control processes with its comprehensive range of features.

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The benefits of our Credit Control Module

Automated Checks and Delinquency Extraction

Our system conducts automated checks and effortlessly extracts accounts in arrears, identifying non-payers with precision and efficiency.

Automated Communication Generation

Say goodbye to manual correspondence. Our platform automates the generation of letters, texts, and emails, ensuring timely and consistent communication with debtors.

Credit Control Diary System

Stay organised with our credit control diary system, providing a centralised hub for reviewing tasks, setting review dates, and managing workflows for arrears letters.

Flexible Parameter Configuration

Customise credit control parameters to suit your unique requirements. Set your own rules, severity levels, and actions without conforming to standard norms.

Tailored Workflows

Create personalised workflows to streamline processes and optimise efficiency. Empower your team to work smarter, not harder.

Dynamic Privacy Settings

Ensure data privacy and efficient workload distribution with dynamic privacy settings. Segment accounts based on loan balances, directing them to appropriate team members for handling.

Segregation of Duties

Complete transparency and accountability with clear segregation of duties within the system. Allocate responsibilities appropriately to prevent conflicts of interest.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Harness the power of intelligent reporting and analysis tools to gain valuable insights into credit control performance. Conduct A/B testing, analyse effectiveness, and optimise strategies for maximum results.

Visual Arrears Management

Utilise color-coded indicators for arrears and charge-offs, providing visual cues for efficient management and decision-making.

More Control than Ever

Transform your financial management processes and drive sustainable growth with unparalleled automation and efficiency.

35% increase in online usage for Gurranabraher

If Gurranabraher Credit Union wanted to attract new members and increase member loyalty, they knew the best way to do this was to invest in member experience, utilising both the technology and strategic partnership offered by Wellington IT.

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Success at St. Paul’s with current accounts

In order to fulfil their strategy of being the primary financial provider to their members, St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union realised they needed to offer full banking services, which included a current account and a new debit card.

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Success at St. Paul’s with current accounts Featured Image

St Dominic CU reach new demographic with Current Accounts

St Dominic Credit Union introduced the Member Personal Current Account (MPCAS) solution in the summer of 2019 as part of a strategic vision to appeal to a new demographic.

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St Dominic CU reach new demographic with Current Accounts Featured Image
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