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Gurranabraher Credit Union commits to exceptional member experience

Who are Gurranabraher Credit Union?

Gurranabraher Credit Union has been the financial partner of choice for its members since 1963. Their mission is to provide a friendly, courteous, and complete financial service to their members for the overall benefit of their community, and to promote best practice in everything they do.


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Creating a vision for member experience

For Gurranabraher, a great member experience refers to the complete experience a member has with the Credit Union. Members who have had positive experiences are more likely to be loyal, recommend the Credit Union to others, and bring repeat business themselves.

If Gurranabraher Credit Union wanted to attract new members and increase member loyalty, they knew the best way to do this was to invest in member experience, utilising both the technology and strategic partnership offered by Wellington IT.

Technology that supports Gurranabraher's strategy

The core financial system offered by Wellington IT gives Gurranabraher access to vital member information, and using this data allows them to predict what a member needs – before the member even knows they need it. This allows Gurranabraher to become proactive and attentive, doing things like:

  • Providing related products based on transaction and member history
  • Creating and delivering marketing campaigns
  • Understanding a 360-degree view of their members

If we want to attract new members who stay loyal, we have to invest in experience. Technology and our relationship with Wellington are key to this.”

Former CEO

Gurranabraher Credit Union

The impact of technological breakthroughs on member experience

Improving technological offerings mean people now see the Credit Union as a real alternative to traditional banking. Gurranabraher have seen an increase in useage of both mobile and online services, leading to a 35% increase in the number of digital transactions.

Gurranabraher also sees an average if 16,000 EFT transactions per month, and has seen a 66% increase in debit card transactions, showcasing how their members have embraced the improved convenience of digital offerings.


A new, responsive website meant higher member engagement

The relaunch of Gurranabraher’s new website heralded a huge change in the way their members interacted with the Credit Union. They implemented an easy-to-use online loan application form, which so far has seen their members apply for €1.7 worth of loans in one year – 12% of their total applications.

The ability to apply online means that members who don’t find it easy to call into the Credit Union can still access their full range of services. It also makes Gurranabraher’s application process much more efficient.


Wellington’s technology has moved on leaps and bounds… we now see the opportunity to become proactive rather than reactive in our strategy.”

Michael Byrne


Core Credit Union

Growing together to achieve joint goals

Working with Wellington, Gurranabraher plan to meet and exceed their future member experience objectives. Products such as a managed service, kiosks, Touch ID login and avisual savings card are allowing Gurranabraher to plan for a future where they are bigger & better for their members, and can position themselves as a real alternative to traditional banks.



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