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Digital Signature Pads

What are Digital Signature Pads?

Our Digital Signature Pads allow your members to sign documentation at the counter using a touch-screen pad and pen.

This not only speeds up counter transactions but automatically stores the digitally signed document in your core system, removing the need to print, sign and scan the paper copies. All of this is, on average, 4 times faster than the manual process.

Multiple forms are available within Scion that can be sent to the pads for members to sign, ranging from loan applications to credit agreements and withdrawal dockets.

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The Value of Digital Signature Pads

Time savings

Members can quickly and easily sign forms and your staff don't need to print, scan and save documentation. Digital Signatures prove to be 4x faster than paper-based signatures.

Modern documentation

Forms are saved as a PDF format, meaning a more modern and attractive member-facing document and less storage space used per doc within Scion.

Free advertising

When the pads aren't active, you can display adverts, flyers or images on them in screensaver mode, providing free digital advertising within your Credit Union.

Eco Friendly

Digital signature pads minimise paper and printing needs, while also reducing storage space requirements.

The use of digital signature pads has helped us to ensure a seamless member journey at the counter, meaning our members leave our branch feeling incredibly happy with their experience. The use of the digital signature pads has also helped us to reduce risk within the branch as the signature is automatically attributed to the member’s account”

John Doyle

Operations Manager

Newry Credit Union

Newry Credit Union save £12,000 and counting in labor and stationery costs since implementing Digital Signature Pads

Newry Credit Union is continuously embracing new digital technologies to improve its operations and services. The mission of Newry Credit Union aligns with that of Wellington IT and with the support of Wellington IT, Newry Credit Union has adopted Digital Signature Pads. 

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Newry Credit Union save £12,000 and counting in labor and stationery costs since implementing Digital Signature Pads Featured Image
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