Wellington IT announce strategic partnership with RW Pierce

We are delighted to announce that Wellington IT has partnered with RW Pierce to develop a standard integration between Scion and the Holmes platform. This collaboration represents our commitment to driving transformative solutions for Credit Unions in the digital landscape.

The integration with RW Pierce exemplifies our API strategy in action. It will facilitate an automated monthly data extract from Scion to ensure that Holmes is kept up to date with essential member and loan data. This automated process, monitored by Wellington IT Shared Services, guarantees timely data extraction and delivery to RW Pierce for processing. Credit Unions will not be required to engage in ongoing involvement as Wellington IT and RW Pierce will handle automated file processing queries.

As part of the standard integration, a second phase has been agreed upon to enhance the integration by including the import of the Holmes small area code into SCION. This will enable Credit Unions to initiate outbound communications to members using the small area code as a trigger, following analysis in Holmes. Communications initiated from SCION will adhere to GDPR marketing consents and will be stored in the communication history record against the member. Various communication methods will be available, including email, SMS, web message, push message, and letter.