Top tips to effectively market your Credit Union...from the experts!

At cuEngage 2021, we invited 3 excellent Credit Union Marketers to share their tips on how they use marketing to effectively promote their services and grow their membership and loan book! In this blog we share their key insights. 


  • Less than half (46%) of the Irish public know that Credit Unions have the ability to offer Current Accounts  
  • Even less again (39%) know that Credit Unions offer online banking  
  • Only 29% know that Credit Unions offer a mobile app  
  • Just 23% know there is an ability to join online  
  • Only 18% of the Irish public expected to do most of their finances in the future with a Credit Union. 

In Spring 2021 we commissioned a national survey to be carried out by independent market research company, Censuswide to find out the public perception of Credit Unions and what would make them switch from their current financial provider. You can catch up on the full survey results here.

The stats above really stood out to us. They suggest an image problem within Credit Unions. You can have all the technology there is to offer, but without marketing your services effectively, you will never change the perception the public have about Credit Unions.  

The good news is, 58% of all participants stated that they would switch their primary financial provider to their local CU knowing they have all these services! 


At cuEngage 2021, 3 Credit Union Marketers shared their tips on how they use marketing to effectively promote their services and grow their membership and loan book! In this 3 part marketing series, we share their key insights:

How to use data to manage your marketing – Liam O’Doherty, former Marketing & Business Development at Gurranabraher Credit Union believes that data is the next frontier for the Credit Union. [jump to blog]
Branding your Credit Union: Cut through the noise and grow your loan book – Marketer Pádraig Power knows the importance of branding and in his recent presentation at cuEngage, he provided his steps to creating your Credit Union brand, using some examples of the branding projects he led for Health Services Staffs Credit Union. [jump to blog]
Promote your digital services with multi-channel marketing – Multi-channel marketing can be an excellent tool to promote your services. Here is how Klaire Klos at Scottish Police Credit Union and Conor Ralph at Member First Credit Union are using it to promote their digital services to members! [jump to blog]

Thanks again to the Credit Union marketing professionals who shared their expertise with us! We hope you find these useful wherever you are on your own marketing journey!