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Newry Credit Union saves over £12,000 with Digital Signature Pads

The digital transformation of Newry Credit Union

Newry Credit Union is continuously embracing new digital technologies to improve its operations and services. The mission of Newry Credit Union aligns with that of Wellington IT and with the support of Wellington IT, Newry Credit Union has adopted Digital Signature Pads.

Digital Signature Pads help to promote a “greener” Credit Union due to reduced paperwork. They also streamline the member’s experience in the branch as members can sign forms digitally in a matter of seconds, speeding up their experience, and resulting in a seamless and speedy interaction with their Credit Union.

We began using the Digital Signature pads in early 2023. It has been a momentous change for both our staff and our members. Saving us time filing and scanning applications and offering our members a seamless and speedy service.”

John Doyle

Operations Manager

Newry Credit Union

Benefits of Digital Signature Pads

The implementation of digital signature pads by Wellington IT at Newry Credit Union has provided several benefits. Firstly, it has streamlined the loan application process, making it faster and more convenient for members. Previously, members had to sign paper loan documents creating a vast amount of admin work for Credit Union staff and causing long wait times for members as staff would have to print off various documents.

Secondly, the use of digital signature pads has improved the security of the credit union’s operations. Digital signatures are more secure than physical signatures because they are difficult to forge or replicate. When the member signs using the digital signature pad their signature is automatically attributed to their account. This reduces the risk of fraud or identity theft, protecting both the credit union and its members.


Creating a Greener Credit Union

By implementing the Digital Signature Pads Newry Credit Unions have reduced paper usage and can promote environmentally friendly practices. By eliminating the need for physical signatures on paper documents, Newry Credit Union have been able to further commit to their sustainability efforts.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the use of digital signature pads has also allowed Newry Credit Union to save on both stationery and labor costs. Saving the branch £9,600 over a three-month period and counting while also enabling Newry Credit Union to both retain existing members and attract new members to the branch and improve their loan book.

Overall, the adoption of digital signature pads by Newry Credit Union has provided a range of benefits, including improved efficiency, security, member experience, and environmental sustainability. As more financial institutions prioritize these goals, it is likely that we will see increased adoption of digital signature pads and other digital tools to improve operations and services while reducing environmental impact.


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