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Revolutionising Customer Support: Wellington IT's Knowledge Base Transformation

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Executive Summary

On 29th April 2022, Wellington IT launched their new Knowledge Base (KB). The new Knowledge Base serves as a centralised repository for storing, organising, and accessing all Wellington IT product information. This ensures that all relevant content is easily accessible to customers, reducing the time spent searching across disparate sources.  

Brendan Ryan, IT Manager at Tipperary Credit Union, is a huge fan of Wellington IT’s KB, and also works very closely with our Technical Author, Fiona Cunningham, to ensure the KB is updated with relevant and helpful articles, how-to guides and videos. 

Fast Help at your Fingertips

The KB is a vital tool for those customer queries that need a quick answer. Before raising a Support Ticket, customers can access the KB, use the advanced “search” option, and discover their answer. All this can take a matter of seconds depending on the query, and they don’t need to contact the Customer Care team. 

“The ability to self-serve via the Knowledge Base is a huge benefit to us at Tipperary Credit Union. We like to get things done ourselves where possible, and the accessibility and quality of the Knowledge Base means we aren’t clogging up Wellington IT’s Customer Care team with questions that can be easily answered elsewhere.”

Brendan Ryan

IT Manager

Tipperary Credit Union Limited

Advanced “Searching”

The search functionality within the KB is enhanced and accurate at pushing relevant and helpful content to the customer. Wellington IT’s Product Manager, Phil Tyrrell, is evaluating the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further enhance the KB. This could potentially be an integration of our KB with a Language Learning Model to make it more intuitive for customers. 

Instantly accessible information

Previously, software Release Notes were emailed to Wellington IT customers. There is now a dedicated space on the KB where all Release Notes are stored and easily found.  

 Our software is always evolving, so naturally, “how-to” guides and articles may need updated. As they are all stored in the central repository, any changes to these guides are updated in a timely manner and saved, so when customers access the KB, they’re assured they have the most up-to-date document.  

Latest news and thought-leadership

On the homepage, there is a “news” area, which is regularly updated by our Technical Author, Fiona Cunningham and Compliance & Data Protection Officer, Ben Roy. We use this area to keep customers updated on timely, key projects. 

“The news section on the homepage is excellent. Fiona and Ben do a great job of keeping it up-to-date. There are updates and information on key developments, including CESOP and SEPA Instant Payments, which I find both useful and reassuring, knowing Wellington IT are actively working on these huge transformational projects.”

Brendan Ryan

IT Manager

Tipperary Credit Union Limited

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cuEngage and Workshops

Wellington IT run numerous thought-leadership cuEngage events online throughout the year, as well as online workshops. Every one of these sessions is recorded and uploaded the following day, so customers who were not able to join live, can catch up at their leisure. 

“Wellington’s cuEngage events are fantastic and very informative. As many know, every day in the Credit Union is different and sometimes things crop up which mean I am unable to attend some of these online sessions. It’s great knowing I can visit the KB the next day and a recording is made available for me to watch back at my own leisure.”

Brendan Ryan

It Manager

Tipperary Credit Union Limited

Free Learning Hub

The content in the KB can be used to help train your staff. It’s The KB is so much more than Helpdesk; it’s a free Learning Hub, filled with how-to guides, explainer videos, articles, workshops and much, much more. 

Your feedback is important to us

Our KB is always evolving, and we welcome any feedback you have to make it even better. Please contact Fiona Cunningham at with any suggestions you may have.  

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