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A new website revitalises approach to loans at Letterkenny

The motivation to make a change

On average, a visitor to your website decides whether to stay or leave in just 10 seconds – and for 38% of people, that decision is made solely on the attractiveness of your layout and content.

With statistics like these in mind, and after attending a Digital Marketing course that highlighted how necessary performance improvements were, Letterkenny Credit Union began work on their new and improved fully mobile responsive website alongside the Web Team at Wellington IT.


A bright outlook with digital innovation

Through the relaunch, Letterkenny hoped to create a more efficient, user-friendly website that was fully mobile compatible. 50% of visitors to Letterkenny’s site in the last year were on a mobile device, a figure which is steadily rising – in the last month, this rose to 63% of all visitors, with desktop users dropping to just under 30%. These mobile visitors weren’t having a positive browsing experience, so it was definitely time for Letterkenny to make the jump to a modern, mobile-friendly experience.

Stats that showcase success

With a new and improved website, Letterkenny is going from strength to strength – they’ve seen a 37% increase in web registrations, and their millennial engagement is through the roof, securing a new generation of members for the Credit Union. 61% of visitors to the Credit Union’s website are now aged under 35, showcasing how focusing efforts on modernising helps reach this key demographic that’s integral to the continued survival of Credit Unions all over Ireland and the UK.


We’ve seen a massive improvement in our loan enquiry processes… the new site allows us to follow through much more efficiently, leading to an increase in successful applications – our loan officers are delighted!”

Gail Griffin

Operations Manager

Letterkenny Credit Union

A revitalised, digitised loans process

Streamlined navigation and online banking integration offered Letterkenny Credit Union members a much more intuitive way to interact with their Credit Union, and after launch, users responded positively, embracing their Credit Union’s new online presence.

Before the redesign, Letterkenny weren’t receiving any loan enquires through their website, but with their new loan calculator, they’re now averaging 60 a month. Once a member has enquired online, they get a call back from an experienced loan advisor who can tease out the details and make sure they’re accessing the best services for them. This means loans officers can chase leads they know are likely to go somewhere, and members get the convenience of being able to enquire in the evening, and have their loan all figured out the next day.


Member engagement, digital improvements and a strong future

Improvements to the visuals, layout, and content of the site have helped bring in new visitors, doubling Letterkenny’s site traffic. Restructuring the site’s content and expanding their downloads section meant that Letterkenny members have easier access to the documentation they need, reducing footfall for administrative reasons in the office, and making sure staff can spend their time actively selling loans and recruiting new members.

It’s clear that a digital makeover to your website can mean huge increases in efficiency, membership, online banking usage, and even your loan book. In an increasingly digital world where member engagement can make or break the future of your Credit Union, can you really afford to put off updating your site’s design any longer?


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