Strategy that connects to members for Tallaght West

Who are Tallaght West Credit Union?

Tallaght West Credit Union has been part of their community for the last 33 years. With savings in excess of €38 million, loans of almost €16 million and 17,000 members, Tallaght West are one of the largest community Credit Unions in Dublin, and the only financial provider located within its common bond.


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Transforming member interaction

Tallaght West Credit Union’s common bond includes a mix of both deprived and affluent areas, meaning that members may want different things from their Credit Union. With this in mind, Tallaght West dedicated their business and development strategies to connect with members from across the community, putting a focus on communication, additional member services, and increasing ease of access.

This meant a move from a mainly cash economy to one that meant more digital services for their Credit Union, meaning everyday transactions can now be done through mobile and online facilities. Members have taken advantage of this choice, and the numbers of registered online banking users have doubled in the last three years.

Making a move with minimum disruption

Tallaght West’s plan to connect with members included an overhaul of their current building to an office that allowed them to deliver on their strategic plan to become more user friendly, with a lot more space for members. They decided to demolish and rebuild, temporarily moving into the sports club next door – to do this with minimal disruption to their members, they turned to Wellington IT to ensure that they could still provide the service they were known for in their community throughout the process.



“We were very happy – Wellington supported us completely.”

– Former CEO, Tallaght West Credit Union

Skilled project management was key

In order to ensure minimal disruption to IT provision and member services throughout the move, Tallaght West looked to their Credit Union software provider.

From the beginning of the planning, the team at Wellington IT were a core part of the project team, working alongside Credit Union staff to ensure that what they needed was delivered on time, and that neither moving out or moving back in caused any more stress or disruption than necessary for anyone involved.


A new office opened up a new world of opportunities

The new and improved Tallaght West Credit Union now has a host of options when it came to increasing member interaction and driving member engagement. An investment in their digital and online strategies meant that members no longer had to come into a branch, but improved branch quality and layout meant that when they did, their experience was much more positive, private, and customer focused.

All of the different ways that Tallaght West Credit Union have found of connnecting with their members are plugged into their core Credit Union system, meaning they can keep track of their members not just by their financial transactions, but through their engagement and interactions.


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