Project management to support strategy at Wexford Credit Union

Transition & Growth

Wexford Credit Union successfully transitioned to a new IT system which will enable its 38,500 members to avail of new services.  The Credit Union will also be able to better meet its operational and compliance needs, enabling them to manage it against their strategic objectives.


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A forward-thinking partnership

Wexford Credit Union are one of the largest leaders in their region, and make use of technology on a regular basis, both to support their face to face transactions, and to give members the option of interacting with their branch digitally. With an increase in the amount of loans being processed daily, Wexford needed to upgrade their Credit Union software to support their vision of providing a broad range of innovative financial products. This led them to seek out Wellington IT, a partner who was experienced, flexible, and committed to ensuring minimal disruption to Wexford’s member services during the transition.

A project team that delivered

Key to the success of Wexford’s migration was the creation of a project team comprised of staff from both Wellington IT and Wexford Credit Union, along with an implementation team and external consultants. Planning began well in advance. and clear stages were set out, with progress being regularly monitored, and the implementation team leveraging industry best practices to create a cooperative, flexible approach and ensure success.


Wellington understand what we’re trying to achieve, and are committed to helping us be more competitive, grow our membership, manage risk, and develop into new markets.”

Former CEO

Wexford Credit Union

A committed, supportive partnership going forward

Wexford Credit Union have a fully integrated core system which has the ability to meet all of their operational and member needs efficiently and cost effectively.

Commitment from all those involved ensured that in the weeks post implementation Wexford could see the benefits immediately. The post-implementation support from Wellington IT has helped the Wexford ensure that members now have access to a system which will improve the relationship they have with the Credit Union. This initial project implementation has created confidence that Wellington IT and Wexford Credit Union have a co-operative long term future.


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