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Cara save an average of 45 hours operation time per week with kiosks

Executive Summary

Cara Credit Union use a kiosk, powered by Wellington IT, to allow their members to self-serve and provide an even better member experience.

Since implementation back in 2013, Cara Credit Union’s kiosk is currently processing an average of 588 transactions per week, drastically reducing queue times, freeing up time for staff to focus on more complex tasks, and – most importantly – providing an even better member experience.

In 2017, Cara Credit Union saved €36,600 by allowing their members to use a self-service kiosk for lodgements and withdrawals.

With a membership of over 42,000, Cara Credit Union wanted to provide the best financial services to their members. One thing their members were looking for was more ways to self-serve.

With such a large membership, Cara Credit Union also wanted to reduce queues in branch.


Reducing queues and saving time

Cara Credit Union implemented the kiosk back in 2013, and have been seeing a number of benefits ever since:

  • An average saving of up to €36,600 per year.
  • Saves an average of up to 45 hours of operation time per week.
  • Almost 8,500 distinct members using the kiosk.
  • Over 151,000 lodgements to an average of €7,110 per day.
  • A reduction in queues for teller services.

The kiosks help reduce queues in Credit Unions by allowing members to self-serve. These positive interactions allow staff to give more time and effort to promoting services such as loans. Members who simply want to withdraw cash can do so conveniently, avoiding the queues, and still leave with a smile on their face.”

Aidan Healy

IT & Projects Officer

Cara Credit Union

About Cara Credit Union

Cara Credit Union is the largest community-based credit union in Munster. Formerly known as Tralee Credit Union, Cara adopted their new name, Irish for ‘friend’ – a name that reflects their identity, success, growth and strength together with their 42,000 members. With over €233M in Assets and a Loan Book of €84M, they have the money to lend, currently lending to over 10,000 members.

Their mission statement highlights that they will lead and promote best practice in everything they do.

“As a member-owned organisation embedded in the local community, Cara Credit Union Ltd is committed to enhancing benefit and choice for its members through a range of financial services. These services will be delivered with integrity within the operating principles of the credit union movement. Cara Credit Union Ltd will lead and promote best practice in everything it does”


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