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Automations in Scion

For Credit Unions, time savings are extremely important and we continually review our core system (Scion) and new products to look for new ways to save your staff time.

We have hundreds of automations currently built into Scion, and below are just a few examples of the categories they fall under:



Automatic Routines

Workflow processing

Automated Payroll and Standing Order File

Automated checking & upload of CCR & ICB files

Automated Credit Control process

Automated Statement production

Automated Dormancy process

Automated messaging

Automated Financial Sanction checking on account creation

Loading of AML risk codes

Automatic triggers for printing

Automatic scheduling of end of day/period processing

Automatic scheduling of reports to run

Automated backup process

Automated creation of set BI & performance reports

Direct Debits

Automatic production of Direct Debit Rejection Letters


These automations simplify otherwise cumbersome and very manual processes. As an example, EFTs are processed automatically twice a day (and we mean automatically! No partial automation here). Staff don’t need to come in on holidays or Christmas Day to press a button to kickstart this process – it’s all automated!

Our customers can even set up their own automated workflows for manual tasks such as automating dormancy and scheduling regular reports – the possibilities are endless!

In order to future-proof your Credit Union, it’s vital that your processes are as efficient as possible.

Check out our ROI calculator to find out exactly how much time your Credit Union could save with Scion.