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48% new member growth for HSSCU with Digital Member Onboarding


Health Services Staffs Credit Union  (HSSCU) chose digital member onboarding (part of cuOnline+) to help grow their new membership by almost 50% compared to last year, quicken the membership application process for members-to-be and save unnecessary work time for staff.

With a membership of over 50,000, HSSCU have ambitious goals to consistently grow their membership and increase the onboarding of new members, while streamlining their process to allow for the easiest member and staff journeys possible.

Growing HSSCU's membership with a streamlined process

Paper member onboarding has a heavy administrative burden and leads to a longer time in the processing of membership applications, particularly for a nationwide credit union such as HSSCU. Adding digital onboarding as an alternative membership application option enables a much quicker process that allows all members to join from the comfort of their own home.

Previously, joining HSSCU could be a weeks-long process, especially if a potential member needed to post in up-to-date documentation, etc. HSSCU did not believe that the exclusion of digital onboarding was viable in our modern economy and foresaw the high numbers of member acquisition that they could lose by not modernizing their onboarding processes.

With that in mind, HSSCU needed a solution that would make it easy for new members to join their Credit Union and also save their staff time processing new members.


Digital Member Onboarding offers real convenience for our new members who can apply and upload their supporting documents straight from their devices. We always strive for members to be able to do as much of their business with HSSCU as possible from the comfort of their homes and this was a key addition to our services.

In addition, our member demographic has grown and we are seeing an increase in members joining from new geographical regions in Ireland and in different fields across the healthcare industry”

Former Marketing Manager

Health Services Staffs Credit Union

New members can join anytime, from anywhere

With the adoption of digital member onboarding, a prospective member can apply to join HSSCU from anywhere, through their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. This is particularly important for younger members who now expect digital member onboarding as part of the process. Equally, with a nationwide common bond, this allows for all members to join without having to worry about visiting a HSSCU branch or having to check opening hours.

Better still, with digital member onboarding being much faster than the traditional methods, staff are also enjoying the time savings!


For our staff, being able to verify documents online saves time and costs on printing, scanning and physically signing member documents. This allows them to direct their attention to other areas of the Credit Union such as promoting our loan products and enhancing our other member services.”

Mary Peters

Operations Manager

Health Services Staffs Credit Union

HSSCU see 48% new member growth with digital member onboarding

With digital member onboarding being faster and more convenient than traditional methods, it’s no surprise that HSSCU are already seeing superb results!

  • Almost 50% of HSSCU’s new members are coming in online.
  • New members have increased 48% as a result of the ease of use of digital member onboarding.
  • HSSCU’s member demographic has grown with an increase in members joining from further across the country and in different fields across the healthcare industry.


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